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Do You Support Military Veterans?


Supporting Military Veterans in the Pest Control Industry: Join the PestVets Movement Today!

Are you looking to make a meaningful impact in the lives of military veterans while also enhancing your business within the pest control industry? Now is the time to get involved with PestVets, an initiative dedicated to providing veterans with resources and opportunities in pest management.

Established in late 2014, PestVets was founded with the noble goal of supporting returning veterans by offering them insights into the myriad of opportunities available within the pest management sector. Through a range of initiatives and programs, PestVets aims to achieve several key objectives:

  • Create Veteran Awareness of Opportunities: Many veterans may not be aware of the diverse career paths within the pest management industry. PestVets seeks to bridge this gap by raising awareness and showcasing the potential for fulfilling careers in pest control.
  • Provide Transition Assistance: Transitioning from military service to civilian life can be challenging. PestVets offers guidance and support to veterans navigating this transition, helping them to seamlessly integrate into the pest management field.
  • Recognize Veteran Contributions: Veterans bring unique skills and experiences to the table. PestVets aims to celebrate and honor their contributions to the industry, highlighting their invaluable role within the pest control community.
  • Give Back and Show Appreciation: Active military personnel also receive support and recognition through PestVets. By giving back to the community and showing appreciation for their service, PestVets demonstrates its commitment to those currently serving in the armed forces.

To further its mission, PestVets has launched several impactful initiatives:

  • Recruitment Resources: Access to recruitment tools and materials tailored to the needs of veterans, making it easier for pest management companies to attract and hire military talent.
  • Mentorship Program: Pairing veterans with seasoned professionals in the industry, the mentorship program offers guidance and support to help veterans navigate their career paths in pest control.
  • Community Engagement: Through various charitable endeavors and community outreach initiatives, PestVets actively gives back to society while raising awareness about the opportunities available within the industry.
  • David Cooksey PestVet of the Year Award: Recognizing outstanding veterans for their exemplary contributions to the pest management field, this prestigious award celebrates excellence and dedication.

Additionally, PestVets collaborates with the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) to provide a range of resources and support for hiring military personnel and veterans:

  • NPMA members can list job openings on this dedicated platform, connecting with qualified candidates interested in pursuing careers in pest management.
  • SkillBridge Program Partnership: Through this partnership, active military service members receive training as pest control service technicians while still receiving their military salary and benefits, offering a seamless pathway to civilian employment.
  • Hiring Resources: From job postings to career fairs, NPMA offers a wealth of resources to facilitate the hiring of veterans within the pest control industry.

For businesses eager to support veterans in the industry, becoming a PestVets Company through the NPMA PestVets Council is a simple yet impactful step. Companies don't need to be veteran-owned; they only need to demonstrate their commitment to supporting veterans in the field. The application process is quick and easy, requiring just a few minutes to complete.

Join the PestVets movement today and help make a difference in the lives of military veterans while strengthening your business within the pest control industry. Let's rally together to support our veterans and build a brighter future for all. Learn more about PestVets and sign up to become a PestVets Company via the provided link. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of this meaningful initiative!

For those interested in learning more or getting involved, don't hesitate to join the next WA PestVets Zoom meeting on Wednesday, April 10th at 9 AM. Together, we can make a difference and create more opportunities for veterans in the pest control industry.

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