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United to Beat Malaria Impact Report

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United to Beat Malaria Impact Report Summary

United to Beat Malaria engaged with The National Pest Management Association, and local WSPMA member companies to raise awareness and funds to combat malaria. The recent impact report highlights significant efforts and achievements:

Program Spotlight: Madagascar

  • Severe climate changes in Madagascar have led to increased malaria and hunger crises.
  • Malaria cases soared from 719,967 in 2010 to 4,248,332 in 2022 due to climate-induced health facility destruction and mosquito breeding grounds.
  • United to Beat Malaria, with UN partners, distributed:
    • 62,000 insecticide-treated bed nets
    • 48,750 doses of antimalarial drugs
    • 82,500 malaria rapid diagnostic tests
    • Reached nearly 380,000 people with malaria prevention education
    • Protected approximately 135,000 children under five and 29,000 pregnant women.

Community Spotlight: Move Against Malaria Virtual 5K

  • Over 100 participants raised over $13,000 for malaria programs.
  • Contributions from organizations like Olympia Pest Management, EBC Financial Group, and Patton Pest Control were vital.

Advocacy Spotlight: World Malaria Day

  • Champions from across the US made phone calls, signed petitions, and sent messages to Congress, advocating for continued US funding for malaria programs.
  • Personal stories and OpEds by Krutika Patel and Favour Olushola highlighted the impact of malaria and the importance of advocacy.

This collective effort underscores the commitment to fighting malaria and improving global health.

PestWorld Denver

As you prepare for PestWorld Denver, we encourage you to be on the lookout for the United to Beat Malaria initiative. This organization, in partnership with the National Pest Management Association, plays a crucial role in raising awareness and funds to combat malaria globally.

This year, your participation can make a significant impact. Visit their booth to learn more about their latest projects, how your company can get involved, and the difference we can make together in the fight against malaria.

Let's continue to support this important cause and show the strength of our community in making a global impact.

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