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A Serious Look at Bulletins Live! Two


BLT for Pest Management Professionals: A Serious Look at Bulletins Live! Two

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Bulletins Live! Two (BLT) program is now integrated into pesticide/herbicide/ rodenticide labels and federal law. This means checking BLT for Pesticide Use Limitation Areas (PULAs) is mandatory whenever the label directs you to.

What are PULAs? PULAs are geographically specific restrictions on how you can use a pesticide to protect endangered species.

Impact on Your Business: BLT adds complexity to the application process. Here's how it might affect you:

  • Increased Planning: You'll need to check BLT before each job to ensure your chosen pesticide is allowed in the target area.
  • Potential Delays: PULA restrictions might necessitate alternative methods or products, leading to potential delays.
  • Staying Updated: Keeping up with label changes and BLT updates will require ongoing vigilance.

Stay Compliant

By prioritizing BLT compliance, you can ensure your business operates legally and minimizes its impact on endangered species.

EPA Bulletins Live! Two Tutorial

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