Eastern Washington Fall Seminar: Biting & Stinging | CEU Course

Eastern Washington Fall Seminar: Biting & Stinging | CEU Course

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Jim Fredericks

PhD, B.C.E.

Jim is the Executive Director for the Professional Pest Management Alliance. PPMA’s mission is to promote, protect, and defend the professional pest control industry. PPMA acts as the consumer outreach...

...arm for the National Pest Management Association, where Jim also serves as the Senior Vice President for Public Affairs.

PPMA works to educate consumers about the risks that pests pose to food, property, and public health through public service announcements, social media, web and traditional media relations, as well as conducting consumer research designed to help the pest control industry grow.

Jim is a Board-Certified Entomologist and has earned a bachelor’s degree in biology education from Millersville University of Pennsylvania, and master’s and doctoral degrees in Entomology from the University of Delaware.

Jim began his career in pest control in 1999 and spent the first 11 years in the industry working for a large regional pest management firm serving the Mid-Atlantic states.

Jamel Sandidge

B.C.E., Ph.D, MA

Dr. Sandidge has been involved in multiple levels of the pest management industry for the last 23 years. Dr. J. joined Nisus Corporation in 2019 as the Innovation Platform Leader...

...for Pest Management Systems where he is responsible for driving the development and growth of new and existing products in the professional line. He is now the National Director of Technical Services, where he supports the industry through education, training, and technical support. Dr. J. is a board-certified Entomologist who holds a Masters degree in Entomology and a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Kansas. While attending grad school he launched a pest management business, starting from the ground up. He owned and operated BRS Pest Control and Consulting for 9 years, gaining practical experience in the field solving complex pest management issues. Dr. J. previously served as a Research Entomologist with responsibilities in product research and development, efficacy testing, and technical assistance.

Laurie Jo Jensen


Approved instructor responsible for creating, scheduling, and teaching of Entomological Society of America’s International Associate Certified Entomologist program. I am a nationally ESA approved examination proctor for ESA in both...

...the ACE and BCE certification programs. This program covers all manner of botanical, synthetic, and inorganic materials.

I have developed an effective curriculum for training Field Representatives in Branch 2 and Branch 3 for Structural Pest Control Board licensing examinations.

I am well versed in plant based and natural products such as neem, pyrethrin, natural oils, and the formulation of products for both animal and human topical use.

I have contacts with several formulators in California and am familiar with the protocol regarding formulation and registration of pesticides.

Appointed to the ESA task force to update examination for the ACE. Various other projects are ongoing: consulting regarding bed bug inspections and treatment for large HUD developments, The Irvine Company properties, and various other property management companies.

Specialties include diagnosis of unusual infestations and the use of Integrated Pest Management in recommendations for properties with weed, insect, rodent, spider, or mite issues.

Technical writer for several pest management companies having written articles on trail pheromones, aggregation pheromones, and other insect biology.

Lecturer for many associations such as Pest Control Operators of California, California Apartment Association, Apartment Association of the Inland Empire, and private speaking engagements and training for companies such as Steri-Clean (cable network A & E “Hoarders” series) and other events and seminars.

Contracted by a major neem-based bioscience company to schedule field trials for a new bed bug material. Coordinated collection of data and supervised application of product.
Created and submitted continuing education classes and represented the company at all association meetings and events.

Danny Marshall

Danny Marshall earned a M.S. in biology from the University of Central Oklahoma. There he researched the use of the predatory mosquito, Toxorhynchites rutilus as a biological control agent of...

...vector mosquitoes in eastern North America. Danny is pursuing his Ph.D. in the Owen lab at WSU where he studies the behavioral ecology of the lone star tick, Amblyomma americanum, in the hopes of better understanding how they move in the environment and the impact this may have on disease risk.